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We Call Out To Those Who Entrench Upon Our Rights:

We Will Not Give Up Until the Istanbul Convention is Applied!


 To say “We withdraw from the Istanbul Convention” means to tell women, children and LGBTI+s that “We will protect the perpetrators and male violence even if you would be killed and be exposed to rape, harassment and assault”! We will not give our rights up. The legal changes made at midnight are not new to us. However, attempting to leave the international agreement with a single signature means open attack on the existence and the rights of all women and LGBTI+ people in this country. It should be known that we will fight to the end, we will unite and take our rights back.

We will resist all your unlawful actions, your support for perpetrators, and the violence against women, girls and LGBTI+s. We do not recognize this decision, we do not accept it! Until a single woman, a single child, a single LGBTI+ are not threatened in this country, you have to apply the Istanbul Convention and 6284; you have to protect our rights, our lives and to do your job.

The campaigns “Strong Women Strong Turkey” that you made up to distract the country’s attention cannot hide the just and legitimate struggle that feminists have been waging for decades in this country. All women, LGBTI+s and children know. The whole country sees what you are doing. That’s why you will not succeed.

Civil society, political parties, politicians, artists, celebrities, intellectuals, academics, members of the Parliament, workers, civil servants, retirees, women, students, LGBTI+s, disabled people, refugees… We appeal to every individual who wants to live in this country! Don’t be silent! We call on everyone who wants equality in this country to resist. We call on all parties and politicians who claim to bring democracy to this country to do their job!

Photo: Dilara Açıkgöz – +90 542 585 39 90