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Every year, over 3 million girls and women worldwide (the vast majority of them under 15 years old) suffer some form of Female Genital Mutilations (FGM). This means that each minute 6 girls throughout the world are cut.

On the south side of the Mediterranean, in Egypt around 80% of girls have been subjected to FGM.

North of the Mediterranean, in the European Union, an estimated 500,000 women have been the victims of FGM, including between 42,000 and 61,000 women in France.
Every year, during the summer holidays, thousands of young girls and teenagers return to their parents’ home country where they risk becoming the victims of FGM.
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The Mediterranean Women’s Fund is partnering with the crowdfunding website W4 to raise € 10,000 for  two of our field partners, Excision, parlons-en ! and Association of Egyptian Female lawyers which have launched two important campaigns to prevent Femal Genital Mutilation and violence against girls on both sides of the Mediterranean. Let’s support them to put an end to Femal Genital Mutilation
#GirlsAgainstFGMThe Mediterranean Women’s Fund thanks you for your support

Donations made through the W4 platform are tax deductible in the United States (for donations made in US Dollars) and in France (for donations made in Euros).
@ The Mediterranean Women’s Fund  provides, or helps to find, the financial or technical means which are needed to fund actions decided by those groups, associations, organizations or individuals who are working towards equality between women and men in the Mediterranean region. more information here – +90 542 585 39 90