We Will Not Give Up Until the Istanbul Convention is Applied!

We Call Out To Those Who Entrench Upon Our Rights: We Will Not Give Up Until the Istanbul Convention is Applied!    To say “We withdraw […]

LGBTI+ Rights are Human Rights!

As a rights-based trans-feminist organization, we observe the continuation of political authorities’ hate speech that constitutes criminal elements towards LGBTI+s for a long time. We state […]

CSMD Sexual Harassment and Violence Policy Document

Sexual violence is merely an act of violence, not of sexuality, about power and authority. There is no environment immune to these power dynamics, nor has […]

CŞMD Submitted Its Report Within the Scope of “UN SRVAW Thematic Report on Rape as a Grave and Systematic Human Rights Violation and Gender-Based Violence Against Women”

CŞMD submitted a report in 20.05.2020 in line with the call for submissions to the UN SRVAW thematic report on rape as a grave and systematic human […]

Government Must Take Urgent Action And Uphold Its Responsibilities In Combating VAW!

Joint statement from 177 Women’s and LGBTI+ Organizations in Turkey: As The Bill Amending The Law On The Execution Of Sentences Comes Into Force, Government Must […]

We Published Our 2018 Activity Report

As Association for Struggle Against Sexual Violence, we have reached the fifth year by having identified a number of situation & cases in which the sexual […]

Are You Sure You Want to Fight Against Sexism in Fields?

Before their match with Galatasaray on April 14, 2019, Fenerbahce Club played ‘Nuri Alco Music’ (aka Rape ‘Theme’ from old Turkish films) in their own Şükrü […]

Turkey’s Candidate for GREVIO Must Be Prof. Dr. Feride Acar!

COLLECTIVE RELEASE – 28.01.2019 Call from Women and LGBTI+ Organizations: Turkey’s Candidate for Istanbul Convention Monitoring Committee (GREVIO) Must Be Prof. Dr. Feride Acar! (click here […]

Our English New Year E-newsletter is Online

Dear followers, the fifth issue of our e-bulletin covers the information about our activities, events and materials throughout the second half of 2018. We hope that […]

The Letter to Flormar and Boycott Calls

The Letter to Flormar and Boycott Call from 94 Women and LGBTİ+ Organizations To the management of Flormar Turkey and Groupe Rocher, In May, FLORMAR cosmetics, […]

We Published Our 2017 Activity Report

For CSMD, 2017 was such a productive year; in which we, as association, were able to share knowledge and experiences through various significant activities as well […]

12th May – İstanbul: Rights-based Journalism about Sexual Violence Workshop

The workshop named “Rights Based Journalism About Sexual Violence”, which we will organize on May 12 at Nonviolent Education and Research Association, is open to all and […]