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We aim to empower those who have been exposed to sexual violence, survivors of sexual violence, and their relatives through the work we carry out within the scope of the Empowerment and Support Program to reduce sexual-sexualized violence and the damage it causes. In line with these goals, we provide guidance and counseling services to survivors of sexual violence and their relatives. We provide information to survivors about their rights and the accessible health, legal and social services and help them access support and services.

In prepared for survivors of sexual violence, there are topics such as seeking support after different types of sexual violence, the process of reporting violence or coping with psychological processes and mechanisms that clamp on us after the violence as well as the Istanbul Units Map with the contact information and service areas of institutions providing services to survivors in Istanbul.  You can get detailed information about the judicial institutions, social service centers, non-governmental organizations, health institutions, police departments, hotlines and university commissions, units, and committees that can be referred to in cases of sexual violence and sexual abuse on the Istanbul Units Map which we prepared in contact with the institutions providing post-violence services. You can also reach the field of service, contact information, and working hours of these institutions on the map.

On the other hand, within the scope of empowerment and support activities, we carry out communication and cooperation work to boost the capacities of municipalities, units, and employees that provide support services to survivors of sexual violence.

The Empowerment and Support program supports people exposed to sexual violence/who are survivors of sexual violence by informing them about their rights, accessible health/legal support, and social services so that they benefit from these more and have access to them. Within the scope of the program, we also empower beneficiaries with content about self-help, care, and support and we conduct activities to strengthen the capacities of related institutions and professionals / service providers.




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