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cşmd is a queer feminist association:

While CŞMD is combatting sexual violence perpetrated against all forms of physical beings in different forms and manifestations, it notes that these different forms are fed by different or multiple power systems / mechanisms such as patriarchy, general and public morality, polarized gender binary system, racism, nationalism, and speciesism; and it devotes itself to act without establishing any kind of hierarchy between them. Therefore, it adopts queer and feminist perspectives / methods that can allow the intersection of both similar and different fields of struggle.

it is inclusive and intersectional:

It does not define its field of activity as an association limited to serve a certain area such as women, LGBTI+, youth or children. Sexual violence is a form of violence which can be perpetrated against children, young people, elderly people, persons who identify themselves as a woman or man, persons who do not fit into any gender in gender binary system, refugees, persons with disabilities, LGBTI+, animals; and it is a form of violence that the can be perpetrated against any person from any profession, gender, social class, country, ideology, belief and lifestyle. CŞMD embraces this inclusion and intersection in all the information it provides and in all the materials it produces.

it is creative and flexible:

 It always cares about experience sharing and sustainability. At the same time, it is open to change and development, new ideas and methods while being flexible.

it has a critical point of view

It acts with the assumption that sexual violence is a matter directly related to power and authority.  It questions and criticizes the power dynamics and the norms arising from these dynamics. In the same way, it gives importance to the mechanisms of criticism and self-criticism in building communication within the Association.

it is anti-hierarchical:

CŞMD is an anti-hierarchical association that believes the power of teamwork and solidarity. In case of building internal and external communication, it embraces the open communication and transparency approach. It does not establish any hierarchy among the forms of violence; it is in a constant struggle against all forms of sexual violence, while giving priority to the invisible forms of sexual violence.

it is sex-positive:

CŞMD has a point of view that sexuality is a common phenomenon and that everyone can enjoy their sexuality in different forms and in various ways. It respects personal values. It does not associate sexuality with public morality, nor limit it to gender norms. It does not establish any hierarchy between the attitudes and practices of persons regarding their sexuality and it defends the consent and communication. It considers the sexuality, as something shall be spoken-out loud and it encourages the persons to talk about their sexuality. The right to comprehensive and inclusive sexuality education, which is implemented from a sex-positive perspective, is among the areas that CŞMD built as a part of its struggle.

it embraces anti-discrimination and equality:

CŞMD is against all kinds of discrimination based on the factors such as gender, age, race, religion, language, political or other opinion, class, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, health status, disability status, marital status, asylum seeker or refugee status. It has a zero tolerate policy against hate speech and discrimination, speciesism, sexism, homophobia / transphobia / bifobia, and any form of discrimination. Working principles of CŞMD include providing and ensuring a working environment where everyone can feel safe and free from prejudices. 

it embraces anti-speciesism:

CŞMD argues that all animals are sentient beings having the right to live without being exploited, tortured or ill treated. As the sign of its struggle against speciesism and against the exploitation of animals; CŞMD embraces the abstention from all animal products and by- products within its office environment and during its activities. It does not use its financial resources for the products obtained as a result of animal exploitation.

it adopts participatory approach:

CŞMD focuses on and encourages the participation of children, young people and survivors in its field of studies. It participates in rights-based networks and platforms that can enhance the combat against sexual violence. It uses consensus as a method of decision-making; it cares about participation and collective production.

testimony carries an evidentiary weight:

CŞMD believes the testimonies of the survivors. Survivors do not bear the burden of proof in their testimonies, they are not obliged to prove and document the violence they are exposed to. CŞMD does not look for evidence to initiate the necessary processes. It acts to operate mechanisms that strengthen those exposed to violence and support their well-being.

it is accountable and transparent:

CŞMD considers the principle of transparency and accountability in its activities, actions and financial resources. It constructs the methods and structures that will ensure that resources are used wise and responsibly.

it promotes the global ecosystem:

CŞMD imagines a world where there is no exploitation against all living things in the ecosystem. It is aware of the fact that the climate crisis targets the entire ecosystem and all the lives within it. It treats climate justice as a political problem and it adopts a responsible approach. It uses its resources in this direction.arını bu yönde kullanır.

it is an anti-militarist association:

CŞMD is an anti-militarist association, it is against every organized or unorganized policy and practice of violence; it has a structure that uses nonviolent communication methods believing in the right of self-defense. – +90 542 585 39 90