Before their match with Galatasaray on April 14, 2019, Fenerbahce Club played ‘Nuri Alco Music’ (aka Rape ‘Theme’ from old Turkish films) in their own Şükrü Saracoğlu Stadium to prepare their fans for the match as if they are symbolic rapists. We condemn their sexist actions!

It is stated that this same song is played in other stadiums time to time. Association for Struggle against Sexual Violence and Antalya Women’s Solidarity Association filed a criminal complaint against Antalyaspor Club, after they played the ‘Rape Theme’ six times during Antalyaspor and Fenerbahçe match. Before this, we witnessed Besiktaş Club’s same kind of behaviour, in which they played ‘henna night song’ in their stadium and we condemned them. You are not fighting against sexist and discriminatory behaviours.

Are You Sure That You Want To Fight Against Sexism?

Fenerbahce Club recently produces videos under the title of ‘Fenerbahçe Does Not Swear’, inviting everyone to #Respect #Again. They joined the #HeforShe Movement within the UN WOMEN and claimed that they are ‘sweating for the gender equality in field’.

To contribute to gender equality and empowerment of women, first of all, football clubs should not generate cheers that which ‘publicly insults a section of the population based on gender differences’; should not encourage their supporters to legitimize and perpetuate the language of sexual violence. Sincereness and determination are needed to contribute to gender equality. How can you indicate sincereness on your struggle to stop producing the language of violence and discrimination when you show the motivation only after someone makes a criminal complaint against you? While we remind all clubs their responsibilities; they should mobilize their internal control mechanism on sexism and discrimination awareness, consider and be aware of the in and out criticism they receive.

We address all responsible parties

Association for Struggle against Sexual Violence has called out all responsible parties and clubs, fans, media and public institutions to prevent sexual violence in sports, and also inform them that it is open to support and cooperation. As Association for Struggle against Sexual Violence, we will continue to work on advocacy and strategic litigation within our capacity.

We expect fans to do their part to prevent sexual violence and put their hands under the stone. If we are to fight against gender discrimination and the language of sexual violence, we can do it all together. Each of us can start the change with ourselves. Instead of deliberately producing sexist discriminatory slogans and rituals to be part of the majority, we can start by rejecting them against the masses, with our individual will.

Association for Struggle against Sexual Violence is determined about it. They ignore you first, then laugh at you, then they fight with you… You know the rest…

Association for Struggle against Sexual Violence


We thank Burcu Uçuran for the translation in English and Ezgi Kayış for the editing.


Our declaration about the news of the Sivasspor’s transfer / 23.01.2018 :

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