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Joint statement from 177 Women’s and LGBTI+ Organizations in Turkey: As The Bill Amending The Law On The Execution Of Sentences Comes Into Force, Government Must Take Urgent Action And Uphold Its Responsibilities In Combating VAW!


The Turkish government passed the “Law no. 5275 amending the Law on the Execution of Sentences and Security Measures and Other Laws”, which was in preparation long before COVID-19 Pandemic, however it was introduced to the public as a measure against the spread of the pandemic in prisons. The new law releases only a certain portion of convicts while leaving tens of thousands of political prisoners, journalists, students, lawyers, local administrators and politicians outside the scope of sentence reductions, and establishing a permanently unequal penal regime. As women and LGBTI+ organizations in Turkey, we believe this is far from protecting public health against the threat of coronavirus. Releases just for the sake of reducing overcrowding in prisons without taking precautionary measures in favor of women, children and disadvantaged groups are putting the lives of women and children at risk. We call on the Turkish government to take necessary measures to protect women and  LGBTI+ people against the threat of violence as soon as possible.

Please click the statement endorsed by 177 women’s and LGBTI+ organizations in Turkey. – +90 542 585 39 90