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Transfer the person who is guilty of rape from abroad? There are enough of them! 

English: “We condemn Sivasspor, who transfer the person who is guilty of rape from abroad!”

We condemn Sivasspor, who signed a contract by transferring Brazilian footballer Robinho, who is sentenced to 9 years imprisonment due to rape to a woman in Italy.

In 2017, many politicians and celebrities resigned over allegations of sexual harassment, rape, abuse and etc. in the world. They faced with various sanctions. At a time when statements are enough to resign, transferring a player who is sentenced to imprisonment for rape is legitimating crime and it is a huge example of irresponsibility.

The fact that Sivasspor added a clause in the contract stating “if he is charged, the contract will be terminated”, points to the cunning idea of “lawsuits somehow last for years”. They are also helping the person escape from justice. Sivasspor with this move has increased the recognition worldwide about Turkey of protecting the perpetrators of rape. From the top to bottom level, they have a part in settlement of rape culture in the country from suggesting laws for forgiving rapists to the operations in which the international agreements are violated, from marches at tribunes to live stream jokes which praise and legitimate rape.

Our expectation from Sivasspor is to renounce this player immediately and apologize to especially supporters, women and public; explain not to show any tolerance about violence to women by being an example to all sporters in Turkey; take trainings in struggling with sexual violence; move according to child protection program which they have committed to TFF.

We will continue to follow sexual violence crimes in the field of football, like every other area. We will not allow these crimes to be covered by the excuses of football and sports love. We hereby declare to the public that we are going to take all the steps for what is necessary to be made in legal dimension, and we will have attempts about the Provincial Directorate of Sports and the Football Federation including the Sivas deputies.

Association for Struggle Against Sexual Violence – +90 542 585 39 90