The Project: Change Starts With Me! Trainings
Project Term: January – December 2019

‘Change Starts with Me’ is an education project of the Association for Struggle Against Sexual Violence. The ‘Change Starts with Me’ trainings that we organize with the aim of changing the wrong misconceptions in the society to eliminate sexual violence and abuse, disseminating protective-preventive measures, reminding of all individuals’ responsibility in combating sexual violence, and raising awareness, will continue in 2019 with 24 trainings. Through the 4 modules we designed for different target groups, we are planning to reach 450 people who will attend from or outside Istanbul.

Our training modules:
Module.1 Dating Violence and Safe Relationships
‘Dating violence; its definition and types, concepts and common myths in the society, gender-based violence, characteristics of a safe relationship’
Module.2 Protective-Preventive Approach to Sexual Abuse
‘Sexual abuse; its definition and types, protective-preventive approach, methods for prevention, rights-based approach in working with children, concepts around consent and boundaries for children’
Module.3 Sexual Violence, Concepts and Methods for Prevention
‘Concepts of gender and LGBTI+, and sexual violence; definitions, types, concepts and common myths in the society, empowering language and approach’
Module.4 Struggling Against Sexual Abuse of Animals
‘Types of discrimination, speciesism, definition and types of sexual violence against animals, societal conceptions, animal freedom, rights-based approach, prevention and responsibilities’
Why Such a Project:
  • Although sexual violence is evident in our lives, it is not discussed enough because it is seen as taboo.
  • Normalization and legitimization of sexual violence in the society.
  • Lack of content that is rights-based and empowering, and adopts a favorable language and approach specific to sexual violence.
  • Feelings of vulnerability and powerlessness among people when faced with sexual violence, and lack of knowledge about what they can do.
  • Lack of methods and materials available for experts working on cases of sexual violence, and that they might reproduce violence themselves.
  • Wrong misconceptions in the society which are among the barriers to the elimination of sexual violence.
  • Focusing solely on punishing the perpetrator, and the lack of discussion around the drivers of violence and support for violence survivors.
  • For sexual violence is a learned act, nonviolence is also learnable.
  • Rather than integrating the violence survivors into the society, integrating the society into nonviolence.
  • Implementing a protective-preventive project.
Goals of the Project:
  • To raise awareness about gender-based violence and sexual violence, change the societal misconceptions, transform the language of violence, contribute to eradicating the standpoints that feed the rape culture, and to disseminate a culture of consent.
  • To organize workshops on demand in order to raise awareness about gender-based violence, dating violence, sexual violence, and sexual abuse against animals.
  • To support the capacity building of groups such as psychological counsellors, branch teachers, social workers, lawyers, university students, psychologists, civil society workers etc. in combatting sexual violence.
  • To produce workshop content to be used in the field which adopts a favorable language and approach, and is inclusive and empowering.
  • To contribute to making nonviolence a societal culture.
  • To disseminate a rights-based approach among violence survivors, and contribute to eradicating myths and labeling.

Project Activities:

●     12 trainings in Istanbul

●    12 trainings outside Istanbul

  • The trainings are full day.
  • The trainings are free of charge.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Our training quota for 2019 has been filled.

You may contact for any inquiries.


Project Coordination, Monitoring-Evaluation and Reporting: Merve Karabulut

Content Development and Implementation:

The Association for Struggle Against Sexual Violence staff

Visual Design: Özge Özgüner

This project is supported by the Swedish Consulate General – Istanbul. The views expressed here are solely those of Association for Struggle Against Sexual Violence and therefore do not in any way represent the views of the Swedish Consulate General – Istanbul.

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