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Istanbul Convention Turkey Monitoring Platform Shadow Report

We have prepared a Shadow Report for submission to the GREVIO Committee – as “Istanbul Convention Turkey Monitoring Platform.   This post is also available in: […]

The Symposium on Sexual Violence and Gender Discrimination in Football

Following our “Stop sexism in football!” campaign we held in 2016, we held a symposium on Sexual Violence and Gender Discrimination in Football between 13 and […]

At Home, and Abroad, Let’s Put An End to FGM Today!

Every year, over 3 million girls and women worldwide (the vast majority of them under 15 years old) suffer some form of Female Genital Mutilations (FGM). […]

Article 103 of The Turkish Penal Code, Recently Amended and Passed Through Parliament, Runs The Risk of Seeking Consent from Children Between 12 and 15 Years of Age

The government proposed a bill late at night on November 17, 2016 that would grant amnesty to the perpetrators of sexual abuse if they married their […]

No to the Legitimisation of Rape!

#BlackProtest #RapeCantBeLegitimized Women are preparing for a black protest in Turkey against legislation that shall effectively provide amnesty for rapists and sexual exploiters as long as […]

No to sexual harassment and male-pattern violence!

 No to sexual harassment and male-pattern violence in Hamam! Justice for Jesca! On 4th of March 2015 two women have been sexual harrassed in the Şifa Hamam […]

“Sexual violence thrives in silence. Let’s talk about it!”

“No Means NO!”