CŞMD Submitted Its Report Within the Scope of “UN SRVAW Thematic Report on Rape as a Grave and Systematic Human Rights Violation and Gender-Based Violence Against Women”

CŞMD submitted a report in 20.05.2020 in line with the call for submissions to the UN SRVAW thematic report on rape as a grave and systematic human […]

We Published Our 2018 Activity Report

As Association for Struggle Against Sexual Violence, we have reached the fifth year by having identified a number of situation & cases in which the sexual […]

“Women on Bicycle in Traffic” Workshop

We are organizing the “Women on Bicycle in Traffic” workshop on December 16, 2017 with the Women on Bicycle Initiative. The invitation for all women invited is […]

No to sexual harassment and male-pattern violence in Hamam!

The writing on the wall: “There is sexual harassment here!” On 4th of March 2015 two women have been sexual harassed in the Şifa Hamam in […]