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We believe that media is an important tool for the transformation of the culture of violence and rape in society, considering its power to create public opinion and form conviction.

Adopting a language that blames and/or embarrasses those who have been exposed to sexual violence can make violence not only ordinary but also invisible. The language of news produced in the media often stigmatizes both perpetrators and those exposed to violence in different ways, leading to rights violations.

Instead of an understanding that legitimizes sexual violence and blames/judges the people who have been exposed to it, we aim to contribute to the production of content that helps the dissemination of the culture of consent, makes sexual violence visible, and emphasizes that it is a crime, empowers the survivor and protects their rights. We also aim to contribute to the adoption of a non-violent and rights-based approach in media productions and to increase social awareness and disseminate a culture of consent. 




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