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Children’s Bodily Autonomy Dissemination Program is a protective-preventive activity that handles sexual abuse as a preventable social problem. The program has headlines such as the perception of a child, child participation, children’s bodily autonomy, protective-preventive approach to sexual abuse and responsibilities of adults in struggling against abuse. These have been being disseminated in various local administrations and cities. With an expanding dissemination team, the aim is to reach more adults and reinforce the struggle against sexual abuse. 
Workshop Headlines
  • Ongoing Child Perception in Society and Approach to
  • Children Children’s Rights and Child Participation
  • Children’s Bodily Autonomy and the Concept of Consent for Children
  • Definition and Various Types of Sexual Abuse
  • False Facts about Sexual Abuse
  • Protective-Preventive Approach and Good Practices
  • Recognizing Sexual Abuse and Methods of Intervention
  • Adults’ Responsibilities in the Struggle against Sexual Abuse
  • The Reporting Obligation and the Legal Dimension
  • Materials and Recommendations for Seminars for Adults

It is an impactful program that raises awareness in the field of abuse and bodily autonomy and that invigorates curiosity about the subject.





“Children’s Bodily Autonomy Dissemination Program” FROM PAST TO PRESENT

We implemented the ‘Child Tells, Make Sure You Listen; Prevent Abuse!’ campaign led by the Social Equality Division of the Şişli Municipality in March 2018, through which we served as an example of the protective and preventive efforts that local administrations could develop to struggle against sexual abuse. Within the scope of the campaign, we organized awareness-raising seminars and full-day training series for the municipality staff during the year 2018. Following the campaign, we received strong demand from Istanbul and from all around Turkey. So, we decided to develop an exemplary dissemination program to be transferred from adults to other adults, a model that would have a perspective with children’s bodily autonomy, privacy, and participation rights in its focus. In January 2019, with the support of the Support Foundation for Civil Society (STDV) Children’s Fund and with the partnership of Şişli Municipality, we organized 2 workshops for practitioners that lasted 3 days each and we prepared a program module that would disseminate a social approach, in which children’s bodily autonomy would get defined, recognized and respected. The 5 days long dissemination workshop, started to be implemented in Istanbul and Izmir Metropolitan Municipalities. Within the scope of the program, we have reached out to about 10,000 adults since 2019, both through school counselors and different municipality and municipality employees. – +90 542 585 39 90