• to make sexual violence a more visible subject of discussion

• to break down the socially accepted perception of “victims” and provide a new and empowering language for the survivors

• to fight different forms of sexual violence without constructing a hierarchy among them

• to putting less visible or invisible forms of sexual violence towards immigrants, lgbtiqa+ individuals, sex workers, animals and disabled people on the public agenda

• to work on reducing or removing the justification of sexual violence and its damaging effects

• to make sure that the existing rights for survivors of sexual violence (including adults, children and all living beings) are exercised and improved and that violations are prevented

• to defend the solidarity between women and trans individuals who were/are exposed to sexual violence against silencing and isolation

• to fight the patriarchal, male dominated, misogynist, sexist system; militarism, nationalism, conservative politics and the binary of private/public spheres and man/woman

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